GIGAWATTS XLNT 200A Handheld Welding Machine with Knob Control, Digital Display Portable & Sturdy Designed Hand Welder Tool (Blue)


This arc welder gun is equipped with a hot arc start function. The machine has a long-lasting cycle with a control panel and a digital display that allows quality welding, with a housing protection class of IP21. It’s a great help when starting the arc, making the arc starting easier and the welding pool more functional and the welding output adjustable, simple knob design, a wide range of output adjustments, make the welding work easier and the welding effect is more perfect. The hand-held welder with a digital display and full-digital control system makes it easy to read and use even for beginners.



  • EASY TO USE – Portable handheld ARC welder is easily portable and can be easily operated by a starter or a skilled worker, whether for home use or business.
  • STABLE & DURABLE – It has an output current range from 20 – 115. This feature will protect you and your welder from any long-lasting damage as the no-load voltage required is 60. The real high current output and powerful energy help you weld fast and stable. It is built-in four true capacitors ensure that the machine works for a long time, even will never get tired before you.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Using advanced technology, which can be used for welding mild steel, welded steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Outdoor repairs, rusted metal and equipment maintenance will no longer be difficult for you.
  • ENERGY SAVER: Reduce the damage of copper and iron, the welding frequency is significantly increased, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. The digital intelligent thrust anti-stick, instant arc starting, non-stick welding rod, closed-loop feedback control, stable output voltage and strong adaptability to the power grid.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It is equipped with a traditional welding handle, this handheld welder Machine can be used like a desktop welder as your needs. And the equipped USB interface can be used for external USB lights, which is convenient for your outdoor night work.


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