GIGAWATTS ARC 200N Welding Machine 42Amp DC Inverter LCD Display 230V IGBT Technology Electric Welder with Electrode Holder – Yellow


The Gigawatts 200A Inverter ARC Welding Machine is a faithful heavy-duty welding companion designed to meet all your welding needs. This compact welding machine combines power, efficiency, and advanced features to deliver outstanding performance in single- and double-phase operations. One of the standout features of this welding machine is its array of functions that enhance your welding experience. The Hot Start function provides a quick and easy ignition, eliminating the hassle of a difficult start. The Anti-Stick feature prevents electrodes from sticking, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, the Arc Force Control function allows for better arc stability and control, resulting in fine-quality welds every time. With the Power Boost function, you can amplify your welding power when needed, confidently taking on demanding projects. Built to withstand heavy-duty applications, this welding machine is designed for professional welders and industrial use. Its durable construction ensures longevity and reliability, making it a wise investment for any welding operation.



  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: The DC Inverter Welding Machine features a user-friendly digital display that provides precise control and monitoring of welding parameters. This enables operators to easily adjust settings such as current, voltage, and welding speed, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the DC Inverter Welding Machine incorporates advanced technology to minimize power consumption without compromising on performance. By optimizing power usage, this welding machine reduces electricity costs and contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: With its compact and lightweight design, the DC Inverter Welding Machine offers exceptional portability and ease of use. This feature makes it an ideal choice for professionals who need to transport the machine to different job sites or for those working in confined spaces. The lightweight construction enhances maneuverability and reduces operator fatigue, enhancing productivity.
  • HIGHEST EFFICIENCY: Equipped with the latest IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, the DC Inverter Welding Machine delivers the highest level of efficiency. This technology ensures optimal power conversion, resulting in reduced energy losses and improved welding performance. The machine operates with utmost efficiency, consistently delivering exceptional-quality welds.
  • OUTSTANDING WELDING PERFORMANCE: The DC Inverter Welding Machine excels in delivering exceptional welding performance across a wide range of applications. With its precise control, stable arc, and smooth welding characteristics, it enables operators to achieve precise welds with fine strength and quality. This welding machine is suitable for various materials and thicknesses, making it a versatile tool for professional welders.


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